We're engaging the 'Crowd' - the community members we serve - who have lots of important things to say!

We view Crowdsourcing as an innovative method to leverage the reach of the internet, through which we invite the public to help resolve an issue, state their opinion, or help with a task. There is great power in numbers and we welcome ideas from any source!
In short, Community Solutions uses Crowdsourcing to challenge the public to respond to prompts posted to our website. We're happy to take in as many great ideas in response to our prompts as we can handle.
We've recently completed a four-month long Crowdsourcing initiative for the Upper Deschutes Advisory Group (UDAG), the results of which will be included as an appendix in the final report submitted to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (ORPD) Director and staff in early May 2017. 
Our thanks to the many Bend-area residents who contributed their time and insights in responding to the Crowdsourcing initiative. The UDAG members were kept appraised of major trends and points of emphasis posed by residents in their comments. Everything was reviewed more than once and the final assessment will provide valuable local-community perspective for OPRD to consider as they review the future of the Upper Deschutes State Scenic Waterway. 
The OPRD-established webpage specifically for the UDAG project review process was and continues to be very informative to the public. The webpage included several documents accessible online for reference during our Crowdsourcing submission process; links to the OPRD Comprehensive Management Plan, related Waterway maps, and other useful documents. At the conclusion of the project, OPRD will have posted all UDAG session agendas, attendees, slides, exercises, records, and reports for your awareness. To visit the OPRD website click here.