Board of Directors & Staff


Vice President

Jim Ruff - Jim joined our Board in 2013 and brought a wealth of management and executive experience from the financial services industry. He was voted in as Board Vice President in 2014 and also served as the organization's co-managing director for an interim period that year. Jim is also the organization's lead trainer and a volunteer mediator. His term on the Board of Directors has recently expired and his position is now available. He currently lives in Bend.


Connie Lee - Connie joined our Board in 2013 and comes with a wide-range of expertise in accounting with the banking industry. She was voted in as Board Treasurer in 2014, and again as Board Secretary in 2015. Connie is also a volunteer mediator and a facilitator for our foreclosure avoidance program. She currently lives in Bend.

Board Member

Will Van Vactor - Will joined our Board in 2017 and brings a wealth of experience as a land use attorney in private practice. He is a volunteer mediator and a facilitator for a variety of State and local area projects. Will brings knowledge as an independent businessman and legal insight into environmental, conservation, and land use matters. He currently lives in Bend.

Board Member

Mary Lynn Jones - Mary Lynn joined our Board in 2017 and comes with a wealth of experience in audit and reporting as an accountant. She has also served in her community in a variety of financial accounting and committee roles. Mary Lynn has embraced our dispute resolution mission and is interested in learning more about mediation. She currently lives in Bend.

Executive Director

Gary Winterstein - Gary joined our organization in 2015 and provides a variety of experience from staff, management, and leadership positions in the military, government agency, and private industry. In his role as Executive Director, he provides staff support to the Board of Directors. Gary is also a mediator and facilitator for State and local area projects. He currently lives in Tumalo.

Case Manager

Sherrene Hagenbach - Sherrene joined our organization in 2016 and provides a wealth of knowledge in negotiation and dispute resolution from previous graduate studies and volunteer work in several community service agencies. In her role as Case Manager, Sherrene provides staff support to the Executive Director and Board of Directors, as needed. She currently lives in Redmond.